Black Belt

Our history begins back in 1992, when Trevor first began his martial arts journey.  Trevor began martial arts training when he was 10 years old with the American Academy of Martial Arts.  He spent 7 years earning his black belt and achived this goal in 1999 at age 17. 

Pro Marital Arts

Trevor put his black belt to use as an instructor when he went to work for Pro Martial Arts in 2016.  Trevor established a good rapport and relationship with many students and their families.  Unfortunately, the dojo suffered from some business challenges and was forced to close down in 2017.  Trevor and his wife saw this as an opportunity to fulfill a dream of owning their own dojo.   

A Dream Realized

The Wests felt it was important to help the students that were impacted by the closing of the Pro Martial Arts dojo.  They did not feel it was fair to the students, who had put in so much hard work, to have to start all over with another program.  With a lot of hard work and the support of many of the student's families, the West family was able to accelerate their long-term plan of dojo ownership and West Martial Arts was born.  The Wests welcomed all the impacted students and agreed to keep their belt ranking.