Competition Team

West Martial Arts will be forming a Competition Team.  This team will being January of 2018.

Important Information:

Additional $30.00 more per month on top of Regular class fees
Classes start January 2nd every Tuesday and Thursday from 5:30-6:30pm
Uniform Cost $80.00- includes back patch, front patch and student name
Sparring Package $96.00
Shin Guards $20.00
Face shield (optional) $30.00
Cup w/shorts $10.00
Gear Bags (Name can be added for $10.00
Large Sports Bag $35.00
Regular Duffle Bag $20.00

See Gear HERE

Event Fees:

Competition Fees will range from $40.00-$100.00 depending on competition and how many events you choose to compete in. Parents pay these fees.

*We will be doing fundraisers to help offset the cost of fees. Students will get a percentage of the funds they raise but it will vary based on fundraiser. The other portion of funds raised will go back to the dojo to pay for training equipment and other insurance fees. (example: Worlds Finest Chocolate Bars, Gold Canyon,Tupperware, Jamba Juice and much more)


All travel expenses will be the family of the competitor’s responsibility.  Many families have offered ride and room sharing to help reduce the cost for all.


Prizes vary by competition.


Dates will be determined by West Martial Arts with input from team members. Current proposed dates -> CLICK HERE